A Slight Delay and Thoughts on the Future

Thank you, loyal readers, for following my blog so far.  If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been posting a new piece once a week (last week was a double issue), usually on the weekends by Sundays.  This week being a busy one, I have to ask your patience while I finish up a current piece about my trip last weekend to Wiang Haeng (on the Thai-Burma (Shan) border in the north of Chiang Mai Province), where I traveled with UNICEF to a novice monk center that just won a UNDP Red Ribbon Award for their HIV awareness training in the community.

Additionally, as I’m about to leave Asia (again) to go home to start a MA in the US, I might abandon the blog or shift to monthly (or less frequent) blogging.  Thoughts? I’d appreciate your comments.  If there’s enough of a reader base and some encouragement, I might be convinced to keep it up…

Again, thank you for viewing.

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One Response to A Slight Delay and Thoughts on the Future

  1. alex says:

    since you will soon be in the pacific northwest, i vote for a khopkaresque take on all things washington. i want the same keen, analytical buffalo eye telling me about any hipster uprisings and discussing the similarities between grunge and totalitarian regimes. and of course any hunsberger sightings should be written about (and forwarded to the local chapter of the DEA).

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